Hey Hey.. Yeomi  To AnyOne (21) Now~~

Maybe my mom will pray a new hope now.. “hope yeomi get someone special” or.. maybe “hope yeomi will become a woman (?) really really woman” hahahahaha that’s funny.. but it’s real.. kkkkk~~

Love u ibu.. love u ayah.. love u dani,, love u iyan.. love u fandi.. love u ivan.. you are my reason for living, my reason for the strong and enduring..

Ibu.. mom know.. problems that occurred recently.. make me thinking die feel so good.. mom always give me spirit.. but when u stay away from me.. I don’tknow what will I do.. I’m bad daughter I know.. I have not been able to be as you expect.. but I try to be better and better again.. please always beside me..  I almost died at that time.. Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry.. Ibu Saranghae

Ayah.. Haha.. I Don’t know what will I say.. but.. trust me.. I Love u so much…  ayah looks as if it doesn’t matter to me .. but when you just got home from work .. you’re going to ask where I was first..

I still remember how your face when I go to jekada yesterday.. Love u Love u..

My Brodaah~~ hey.. thank you so much for take care to me.. I’m Princess at home.. who have a some bodyguard like u all…

*Dani… u know.. I miss u so much… I think not just me.. but u brodah too.. fandy cry when he see your pic.. he miss u too.. good luck in jekadah dear… we wait u here.. nuna miss u ^^

*Iyan.. thanks for u opinion.. My smart boy.. I’ll do..!! anything I can do for you to reach your dream..

do your best, because I will try to make you get to the dream.. be a doctor right? hahaha saranghae

*Fandi.. thank you for u warning.. you are bad boy.. but not for me.. thanks for u protect,, my  handsome brodah.. I think the girl who can get u,, really lucky girl.. protect the girl like u protect me right ^^ saranghae..

*Ivan.. the magnae.. u know.. I really love u.. my friend if I sad.. ah.. u still like baby.. nuna really really love u… thanks for give your smile to me.. thanks to make me happy again if I angry mad or boring.. u r my mood maker dear.. nuna love u so much..

I’m To AnyOne now.. of course I don’t know what will happened.. but.. I Hope.. full more full of color..

Much homework in twenty.. I’ll finished in To AnyOne.. hey..  twenty one.. I prefer to say To AnyOne.. cute numbaa~~ haha

what I could in 20 .. really makes me grateful for my life..

~ In Twenty,, I get much problem.. yeah.. problem special school for me to grow up..  so hard.. really.. some problem make me mad.. sometimes I feel.. can’t take anymore, and want to cry .. but I’m grateful, untill now., I was still a tough girl ^^

~ In Twenty,, I get much Fail,, but I think I enjoy whit the fail.. hahaha.. really,, cause some times fail it’s so fun.. u not grow up if u never fail.. trust me,, the fact of fail is not bad as your think.. ^^ it make you think what will u do to be the best again

~In Twenty.. I get much friend.. I hope they still love me.. serious.. I very love them,, my playground,, my second family,, my medicine,, my mood,, yes u are.. Stalker..!!

They make a problem.. much problem.. cause actually they are a problem.. hahahahahaha #sorry but.. I learn about live from them.. you know.. I think become a adult, I can get from adult too.. or my office.. or  stories of adult experience.. but it’s wrooooong~~~~

Stalker is Problem,, there are some troublemaker in this grup,, include me of course ^^ #proud .. but I much learn from them.. from problem in this group.. if I can be arrogant girl.. I’ll say.. I change my self better cause them ^^..

Why I can say like that..

_I learned to succumb ..

I was the one who does not like to admit defeat, know them, make me know the word defeat, stand up and admit defeat ..

_learn to recognize a mistake ..

I was the one who never felt guilty, even though I was wrong, but for me I’m never wrong ..

really sucks, yes that’s me .. but when know them, I learned to admit mistakes

_learn to say “sorry”

because of my stance on the points to 2, I will not apologize ..

really, I’m really annoying, I’ve made Winda 2 times cried because of me .. but I never apologized to her.. winda mianhae (-__-) .. but once again.. because of them.. I learned to say Sorry

_learn to be a mediator in the middle of a problem that happened between us,, although is not success,, but I try to be good again..

_learn to care ..

I was the one who really does not care about all,,

My motto used to be, “as long as does not interfere with my life, I would not care what you do, what happens to you, what you want”

but .. join and know them, I learned to care about what happened, what they do, feel that they were concerned with me, learn to give hug to them and say “hey .. that’s ok .. we will together: ‘)”

My story now full of them.. full of Stalker.. although in a week I just meet them in Sunday.. but.. my life in twnty full of them.. ^^

If you know them,, u will know

~how Nindy spirit alive .. Nindy how to survive in all her of problem.. she’s such an inspiration to me ..

~how to attitude of the patient sari with the nature and our attitude

~how great anna unni life experience .. really  Surprise heard her story …

~the strength of hearts Vika .. I was really impressed by her .. Vika you’re great ..

~how to respond to rule made idho parents .. haha that’s funny, but he’s still there with us on Sundays ..

~how to understand the meaning of “friend” from sora and intan

~view of life that always looks easy for achi unni .. and no problem .. I think he is a man who never complained .. 4D attitude sometimes makes me jealous of her .. hahaha

for Winda .. trust me .. however you are, you still my best friend

like a Quotes~

to be beautiful, and good quality, a pottery should be burned many times in the furnace with hundreds and hundred-degree heat,

after that .. if he survives, it will be seen how quality a pottery ..

Me too, I must be strong, many times have “burned” by a lot of trouble .. so .. although the face still like this, but at least my personality is more beautiful than ever ..

Seriously, this is the first time I wrote these words long .. and type this make me really aware, many people who love me .. saranghae all .. kamsahamnida ..

thank you very Kansa (_ _)

finally.. I’m To AnyOne *21* now ~~~..

maybe life will always be like that, but the color should exchange it .. because life should be colorfull

I’ll be yeomi better and better.. tried n tried

always been a tough girl who hates tears !!

Fighting girl.. always make my friend beside me n around me happy ^^

n.. whatever will be.. will be..

To AnyOne~~ 21~~~ I’m ready..!! I’m comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~~~~~~ \^o^/



*my English so trouble.. but IDK why..

I wanna make this full of English.. haha