too late for the tell ~
hahaha .. but better than nothing ..
I’m busy~~ u know… *ah~~ stopped yomi*

only five days of intensive training, and training in the evening ..
the “career woman” had not showered .. hahahaha
*including me* hahahahaha #evillaugh
yeah.. coz from the office fly (?) to the studio

because only a week we have,
We can’t think of “what will bring the dance”.
we choose t ara cover “lovey Dovey”
hey ~ ~ suffle dance are trends now, so, we chose it ^ ^

sooo ~ ~ ~ ~ see the pikuuuuuuuuuu ^ ^

and this… crazy time~ hahahaha just for fun ^^ enjoyed 😀


I don’t understand how WP work now.. but seriously… I make this sooo long time.. I get wrinkled cause it -____-”

Not all the pictures, because for the photo above, just upload, over 4 hours #self-immolation