KyuMinTeuk Mom,, buka coffe shop~ anak2 suju dateng neh,, waktu pembukaannya kmarin tgl 22 desember,,

neh piku2 nya wookie ^^

pas benget yak hari Ibu,, haha,, nah special,, fancam nya wookie ^^ ~~

you know,, I think,, fangirl who life at korea,, or seoul,, so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky,, why,,?? Look,, they are can stay beside him,, they are can call Him,, and they can see him so >< close,, of course that make me envy,, so envy,,

But, I’m here just Can hope n pray, give me opportunity, to see him so close, and can stand beside him, just wanna ensure that Him is real, not just imagine..

but,, that okay,, it make me and gife me like a spirit,, for go to korea ^^,, where I can stand beside him,, can see him so close,, hahaha,, YOMI HWAITING..!!!


kona beans pic cre :  iloveSUJUSIDAE

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