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RW: Hi everyone I am Ryeowook. I will start introducing taiwan’s famous food. because I like Taiwan’s food just like a child. So I will introduce food that children like today. But some children might not like, I have no choice. Because I am korean so I might not know(what Taiwanese children like) so you just listen~ *points to self* Teacher. *Points to DH and SM* Students! Hello!

SM: Hello

DH: Hello. (I am) new student.

RW: Today, Donghae Hyung is with us. Today I am going to introduce taiwan’s famous food, snacks and desserts etc.


Do you know??

SM: Mango!

RW: Eh?

DH: Onion!

SM: Mango mango

DH: Onion! GOGUMA!(sweet potato)

SM: Goguma goguma!

RW: Taiwan’s map.

SM: Map?!!

RW: Where is this?

DH & SM: Taipei!

RW: Next this is Taichung

SM: Taichung

RW: This is…

SM: Tainan!

RW: Tainan. HEre?

SM: Don’t know..

RW: This is TaiDong. Taidong Tainan TaiChung Taipei.

SM: Is there Tai xi? (Coz the above are basically north south west and middle taiwan, Xi means east.)

RW: Tai Xi?

SM: Right there should be north south east west. There isn’t?

RW: At TaiChung, we have SunBiscuits(Tai Yang Bing)

DH: What is that?

RW: Sun Biscuits

SM: The korean tai that tai…is it ok to say it?

DH: Its ok

RW: There is also pearl milk tea. Pearl Milk tea is very famous in TaiChung.

SM: The words are written very nicely last week it seems like you don’t really care this time.

RW: Next is Papaya Milk. Do you know?

SM: Papaya!

RW: What about Niu Nai?

DH: Milk!

RW: Today’s lesson is really difficult. So I personally prepared this. *tada~* Pearl Milk Tea! I prepared~~

SM: Can we have it now?

RW: Yes. I want to show everyone. This is Sun Biscuit. Very sweet.

DH: This is really very famous in Taiwan?

RW/SM: Very delicious. VERY.

RW: Papaya Milk. You can drink this too. Papaya Milk. How is it?

SM: This IS just what I like.

RW: This is very famous in TaiChung. So when everyone goes to TaiChung, they must try these 3 items.

SM: That isn’t what I like.

RW: Next is…We went to the school where they filmed Secret. That place is called Dan Shui.

SM: Is DanShui at TaiChung?

RW: Taipei! Here, there is Fish crackers. What is “yu”? This is Fish. Fish crackers.

DH: Isn’t it this one?!

RW: Next up is Gao Xiong. There is Shaved ice at Gao Xiong. Do you know what is Chua Bing?(shaved ice) Chua Bing is pat bing su! I prepared something too.

SM: Chua Bing?!

RW: It has melted abit. I bought this all myself! This is mango shaved ice.

RW: Next is Hua Lian. Nian Gao. What is nian gao? Mua Chee (mochi-something like rice cakes) This is yam flavoured. When you are here you must eat mango ice.

There is also this place called PinTung. There is this fruit called Lian Wu. Very famous. Lian Wu.


SM: This is delicious! (HOMG ONE OF MY FAVE FRUITS TOO) I like this!

RW: Because this is too famous in Pintung so you must eat this when you go there.

SM: This is very crunchy.

RW: Next, out of the lian wu, the most expensive ones are called Black Pearl. Pearl as in the pearl in pearl milk tea. Black Pearl. Zhen Zhu in korean is called Jin Ju. Hei means black.

DH: Why did you suddenly speak in half language (wtf is this?)

RW: Next up…

SM: Zhen zhu is Jin Ju.

RW: Please open this for me. Next up is this…Dragon Beard candy.(Long Xu Tang)This is also very delicious.

SM: I opened it.

RW: What is this? This is beancurd pudding.

SM: Pudding~(in a fucking cute voice i must say)

DH: Is this cold?

RW: Just eat it like this. It is often added in shaved ice. There is also this thing called yam balls. It is alot like rice cakes. It is often added into that as well. This is one of my favorite things. Very famous is Yi Lan. There is a place called Yi Lan. This is called Cow Tongue Biscuit.[=.=] There are two types of Cow’s Tongue Biscuits.There is this type [Screen shows pic of Eunhyuk with arrow pointing at him saying ” Eunhyuk is drooling now”] and this type of thin ones. Like biscuits.

SM: Is it bread? Bread? But this is found in the dorm. This is the one i bought myself. Very delicious.

DH: You are very hungry so you came over right? *to hyuk*

[Arrow says “Eunhyuk cannot tolerate(his hunger) any more]

EH: I heard you guys are starting up a business here  so I came.

SM: Buy a biscuit? You didn’t buy it.

EH: It is delicious

RW: In Korea, when it is the new year, we have Green bean pancakes and such but in taiwan there is green bean snacks, green bean cakes.

SM: The class has ended here today.

EH: That kind of lesson is this? You are starting a business isn’t it? This isn’t a lesson.

RW: This is very worth introducing. The TOP 5 are:

1. Pearl milk tea.

DH: You are now talking only about what YOU want to eat right?

RW: HAHA~ Pearl milk tea is number 1!!! Number 2.

2. Mango shaved ice.

3. Fish crackers.

EH: Why are these two people sitting here.

RW: Please pay attention!

4. Lian Wu.

EH: You want us to buy these from you right?

DH: He wants us to listen to him.

RW: Next.. number 7.. ah.. no 5. is …

EH: are you tired?

5. Sun biscuits.

RW: When you come to taiwan, these are the 5 things you must try. Ryeowook’s Recommendations~ Everyone, I hope you are happy listening. Are the food that I introduced delicious?I hope you guys will like the food I introduced today. Thank you. Bye~

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