I really like to talk a lot..

It’s only when I go on recordings that I freeze up.

Although I’m a celebrity… the scariest thing for me is when there’s a lot of pressure and I have to talk in front of people I don’t know

and laugh like I don’t care, and sing…

Even though even I don’t know myself well, many people make up an image for me

like playing with a doll … and they whisper.

I’ve received a lot. Including a love so big I can’t describe it.

I’m so grateful that there’s someone who’s said “It must be difficult” when things are hard, and who’s been there for me…

It seems like for the past 6 years I’ve leaned on them… and they’ve made me a better person…

There was another Ryeowook made by Hyungnim.

I’ve been modelling myself on that and working really hard, and because of that I’ve dared to have some self confidence.

I’m so thankful

You helped me when things were difficult…

You were happy with me when things were good…

So many memories,.

It’s good that a long time from now when I’m no longer a singer

There will be one person who will have good memories while listening to my songs

I promise I won’t forget…

I love you..

Hyungnim.. I won’t forget you ^^.

cre : twitter via @_Leenim

Original source: Ryeowook.com.

Translated by: Jubee at SJ-World.net.